Author: Gabe Armstrong

What is a Solar Cell?

A solar cell is a very common thing that is found almost in anywhere. From calculators to children’s toys, from the satellites to the torches, everything that can be operated with the help of the sunlight comes with the solar cell. But, what actually a solar cell is? You might have this question in mind as well.

The solar cells are known as PV cells or photovoltaic cells. Here the word photo means light and voltaic means electricity. So, together it means the cells which are able to convert light into electricity. The solar cells are able to transform the light obtained from sun to electricity.

The solar panel is constituted of a large number of PV cells connected together. The PV cells are connected together and they are placed in a frame and this module is able to create electricity from the sunlight. The larger the array of cells would be the more electricity it will be able to create. In many countries, people use the solar panels to generate electricity for their house. These solar panels are very large compared to the one you have in your calculator but the working mechanism is similar.

The photovoltaic cells are made of the semiconductors such as silicon and the silicon is commonly used in all the batteries around. When light from the sun strikes the cell, it absorbs a portion of the light within the semiconductor material and then this energy is transferredImage result for solar cell to the semiconductors. This transferred energy then causes the knocking of the electron lose and helps them to move freely. And, we already know when the electron moves freely, it generates electricity.

This is the main concept of the solar cells. These PV cells have electric field that forces the electrons that are free by the absorption of light to a certain direction.

There are three types of the solar cells. The first type is the monocrystalline cells, the second is the polycrystalline cells and the third one is the amorphous cells. These are the three basic types of solar cells.

The monocytalline cells are cut from the silicon ingot grown from one large crystal of the silicon. On the other hand, the polycrystalline cells are cut from an ingot that is made of a multiple number of small crystals. The third type, the amorphous or the thin cut solar cells are also a popular type of solar cell. You can find different types of monocrystalline solar panels here.

Each and every type of the solar cells has their own distinctive usage. You cannot use one in another’s place. The best thing about the solar cells is it helps us to converse electricity and protect nature from the adverse effect. So, if you are planning to get a solar panel in your house then, you are doing the right thing.…

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Thermal Solar Energy

Free hot water with the sun

The solar thermal energy allows us to harness solar heat using collectors or solar panels to basically obtain domestic hot water (DHW), besides being able to be harnessed in the radiant heating and preheating water in industrial processes.

In short, solar thermal energy allows us to save especially in terms of increased costs in gas and electricity bills, since the way to get energy to obtain the hot water supply is more efficient despite having to do a considerable initial investment that we can later amortize with the saving of the invoices, as well as many other advantages:

  • Energy savings
  • Promote the protection of the environment as it is a renewable energy
  • Reduces energy dependence
  • Add an added value to housing

Among these advantages it is important to note that solar thermal energy may initially seem very high, but the initial investment is amortized in the medium term, reducing in other energy aspects and therefore improving and balancing that initial mess. In addition to promoting responsible consumption of energy, taking into consideration the environment and reducing the impact on it.

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Solar Thermal Energy Free Hot Water?

The use of solar thermal energy is a growing element, for all the advantages it offers and the importance that is increasingly given to get functional homes, respectful with the environment and make the most of the characteristics of the place where they are located to amortize costs for their self-supply as far as energy elements are concerned.

Photovoltaic Solar Energy For Companies

Save 60-80% of your energy

The photovoltaic solar power is one of the energy sources used to obtain electricity and supply a house or a local or business.

The photovoltaic solar energy for companies can suppose, if a reduction of the energetic consumption properly is managed to supply the business, office or local that requires it, being able to benefit the company, with an action that allows to continue fighting against the climatic change and helping to the environment.

The solution to obtain a reduction of the energetic consumption, especially as far as electrical energy is concerned, can be found in the installation of solar panels that receive sunlight and through the appropriate system, convert it into electrical energy to supply a home, business or local, without affecting or influencing more in the environment and obtaining in the long term a balanced energy consumption and representing a saving in the cost of energy.

Solar Photovoltaic Pumping

Transforming the sun’s radiation into electricity is the fundamental task of photovoltaic energy. This is achieved through panels located in such a way that they receive the maximum possible solar radiation. We can highlight the tremendous modular versatility of this renewable energy, that is, it can be used on large surfaces, as well as in industrial buildings, up to small panels focused on a domestic level.

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