Category: Solar Energy

Thermal Solar Energy

Free hot water with the sun

The solar thermal energy allows us to harness solar heat using collectors or solar panels to basically obtain domestic hot water (DHW), besides being able to be harnessed in the radiant heating and preheating water in industrial processes.

In short, solar thermal energy allows us to save especially in terms of increased costs in gas and electricity bills, since the way to get energy to obtain the hot water supply is more efficient despite having to do a considerable initial investment that we can later amortize with the saving of the invoices, as well as many other advantages:

  • Energy savings
  • Promote the protection of the environment as it is a renewable energy
  • Reduces energy dependence
  • Add an added value to housing

Among these advantages it is important to note that solar thermal energy may initially seem very high, but the initial investment is amortized in the medium term, reducing in other energy aspects and therefore improving and balancing that initial mess. In addition to promoting responsible consumption of energy, taking into consideration the environment and reducing the impact on it.

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